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How to stake (ENG)

Staking CBK is a great way to get more ticket allocation for the project pool. This way you can have higer possiblity of winning more project tokens.

1. Staking approval

Before you proceed with the staking process, please connect your metamask extension wallet with the Cobak's Global IDO site. {Reference: Connect Wallet}
You can check [CBK Rank] to find out how to get higher position in the rank to get more allocation.
Please stake your CBK at least an hour before the project pool opens, so that you can be whitlisted to participate in the project pool.
You need at least 300 CBK in order to proceed with the [approve] process. For for information about CBK Rank based on stake amount please check CBK Rank.
#1. Click on the [Stake] tab on top of the screen. After that, click [Approve] button on the right side.
#2. Check the gas fee and the transaction details and then click [Confirm] button to continue.
(2023.11 Add) - If you change the spending cap in Metamask at this process, the page will not process the approved amount correctly, so don't change the spending cap using the "Max" button or direct entry.
#3. After you click [Confirm], you will see on the top right hand corner showing [Pending]. The [Pending] process takes about a minute, since it is an ETH network transaction.
#4. When the [Pending] process is finished, you will see [Approve] notification on the top right corner.

2. Staking Process

#1. After the [Approve] process, type in the amount of CBK you would like to stake; then click [Stake] button below the number. The staking amount will be transferred to the staking pool.
#2. Click [Confirm] to start the staking transaction.
#3. While the transaction is under process, you will find [Pending] on top right corner of the page.
The transaction may take about 1 minute since it is a transaction on ETH network.
Please check [1 Pending] message on the top right corner of the page.
#4. When the transaction is complete, you will see the [Stake] notification.

3. Search my staking status

After the staking is completed, it is viewable on [My staked CBK]. Ranking and secured ticket amount is shown on [CBK rank] and [My current privileges].

4. Increase Allocation

#1. You can level up your CBK rank and claim more tickets by purchasing CBKs.
#2. To buy more CBKs, click [Buy CBK] and switch to one of 3 exchange markets for more CBKs.
#3. For more information, please check {Incrase Rank (ENG)}.

5. Unstaking

You can unstake later on by clicking [Unstake] button to proceed. Please follow the staking process again in a reverse manner if you wish to unstake.


  • You must stake CBK at least an hour before the actual project pool opens in order to participate.
  • At least 300 CBKs need to be staked to receive tickets, and max. limit is noted on the [CBK Rank] on the right side of the page.
  • Refer to for your transactions.