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Enter project pool (ENG)

Join the project pool of your choice to get the tokens that are not released on the market yet. Don't miss this great opportunity to earn the project tokens!

1. Participate in the project pool

  • Log in with MetaMask wallet to participate in the token sale.
  • Click [Project] on the top list.
  • Choose your preferred project under on-going.

2. Buy Ticket

  • Click on the project which you have selected and move on to the next page.
  • Click [Buy Ticket] after selecting the amount of tickets, which is given according to your staking.
  • You need extra ETH in your wallet for purchasing and gas fee in order to buy tickets.

3. Transaction Process

  • After clicking [Buy Ticket] button, MetaMask will appear, and you will be able to check details about the transaction.
  • After viewing the details, click [Confirm] to proceed with the transaction.
<Check details in Metamask>
  • You will see [Pending] on the top right corner of the screen.
<Pending Metamask>

4. Ticket purchased

  • [Buy Ticket] notification will follow after transaction is complete.

<Lucky Draw System>

  • A unique number is granted to every ticket sold, which will determine lottery winners after sale is over.
  • IF a ticket # is a part of the lucky #, claim tokens according to the amount of winning #, IF not, entire transaction amount will be refunded except gas fee.
  • You can find ticket number to be used in Lucky Draw next to [My ticket].
  • Lucky Draw results are disclosed after the process is complete.
  • Please click [refresh]
    button when the "filtering in process" is complete.

5. Claiming Tokens

  • Match the lucky number and your ticket number to see if you are a winner.
  • When the lucky draw "Filtering is in process" part is complete, [Withdraw] button will become active.
  • You can claim the winning amount of project tokens by pressing the [Withdraw] button.
  • Clicking the [Withdraw] button will process the refund amount of ETH and/or the winning tokens at the same time.
  • By clicking [Withdraw], MetaMask wallet will appear and you can see details of your transaction.
  • Check the details of the transaction and click [Confirm].

7. Claim Process

  • [Pending] will show on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once the [Pending] process is done, you will see [Claim] notification on the top right of the page.
  • Congratulations! Now you have fully participated in Cobak's Global IDO Platform!


  • In order to participate in the project pool, you need more than 300 CBK {refer to "CBK Rank"}.
  • The time of staking completion should be at least an hour in advance before entering the project pool.
  • Check or transaction hash in your metamask wallet for details of your transactions.