Cobak's Global IDO

Global IDO platform presented by Cobak, the #1 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community in South Korea.
Cobak team has decided to launch the Global IDO platform, following the ICO service that was available in South Korea only.
Now, the users from all around the world can take advantage of Cobak's Global IDO in a decentralised manner.
With the renewal of the previosuly exclusive ICO platform, Cobak decided to launch the IDO platform to lower the barriers of approach, and the IDO platform will utilize functionality of the smart contract system, allowing users to feel confident about trading their ETH to project tokens.
Smart contract and signing added to the system to allow users to feel free about receiving the traded tokens on-time and securely.
All transactions will be recorded transparently on the scanners (eg. etherscan.io). Providing the transparency and safety of purchase of project tokens in first hand using ETH.
About Cobak
Cobak is a blockchain and crypto community platform that served local users since 2018. Cobak was purchased by MovieBloc in 2020 and has been under its roof since. Cobak is currently listed on UPbit, Bithumb, Gate.io and Coinone.
Please Check out our website (google translated need for enlglish) to find out more about how Cobak is operated and let us know if you have any questions through our discord channel (https://discord.gg/DafUFZZS6C) Cobak token contract address: 0xD85a6Ae55a7f33B0ee113C234d2EE308EdeAF7fD Website: https://cobak.co.kr/ Discord: https://discord.gg/DafUFZZS6C Twitter: https://twitter.com/CobakOfficial Medium: https://medium.com/cobak Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cobak_official/